Year 7 & 8 Accelerated Reader – Access From Home

Whilst the school is closed, we have made it possible for students in years 7 and 8 to access their Accelerated Reader accounts from home. Please can parents/guardians make students aware of this as it is really important that they keep reading for 20 minutes a day (minimum) to improve English skills and develop a love for reading. If they run out of reading books at home, they could read free ebooks on their devices by joining Devon Libraries (see the school website for details, subject to government opening restrictions).

To get into Teign’s Accelerated Reader site, students should click the link below or type the link into the browser in a computer (this doesn’t work on phones): This takes you to the familiar login page where you type in your username e.g. 19BloggJ  , followed by password   abc

(Do not Google Accelerated Reader as that won’t bring you to Teign’s own site).

Mrs Halse has set a new target for students to aim to achieve by 17/7/20. Anyone who hits this target will receive a prize and epraise points when school reopens (alongside rewards for the spring term). Students without access to a computer should complete the ‘Reading Log’ in their student handbooks p22 onwards to show evidence of reading during the school closure period. We appreciate it may be hard to find books within a students’ ‘Reading range’ at this time, so they should read and quiz whatever you have access to (not all books are on AR of course so those can be logged in handbooks).

Students can also take any Vocabulary Quizzes they are offered as these are great for developing English skills.

If you meet any technical issues (e.g. get locked out) then do can contact Mrs Halse on email  or message her in epraise.

Happy reading!

Mrs Halse