Y7-10 Remote Learning Update Letter 17.04.20

Dear Parent/Carer,

As we conclude our second full week of remote learning, we have been impressed by the work that we are receiving from our pupils, as can be seen in the weekly ‘Be Your Best Self’ bulletin to celebrate this scholarly effort. Thank you for all you are doing to create a working environment at home and support your child with what is being set. Teachers are working hard to provide the best possible learning experience in the circumstances and we appreciate the partnership with parents and carers to do so.

Reflecting on the system so far, and in response to helpful feedback, we are making some adjustments to how work will be provided to Years 7-10, starting from Monday 20th April. Our intent is to continue to purposefully cover the curriculum for pupils but in a more streamlined format with fewer posts on Show My Homework. We hope that this will allow you the flexibility for your child to work in the most beneficial way for you and your family.

Remote learning will follow these steps: - Each subject will upload a PDF to Show My Homework of the week’s learning episode, ‘chunked’ into tasks, on a Monday - Teachers from each subject will be ‘online’ to answer questions and support learning according to a weekly timetable (below) - Pupils can follow the recommended timetable or complete work at a time that they choose according to what is best for them and your family situation - The deadline for all work is Friday at 3pm

Subject leaders may choose to use additional online resources, such as Skype drop-in lessons to help with learning or video walkthroughs on YouTube.

Subject teachers will be available online in accordance with this timetable to support the week’s learning episode: Recommended Timetable - Years 7 & 8

Monday: AM [between 9.00am -11.30am] Science & PM [between 1pm-3.30pm] Creative Curriculum

Tuesday: AM [between 9.00am -11.30am] History & PM [between 1pm-3.30pm] Geography

Wednesday: AM [between 9.00am -11.30am] English & PM [between 1pm-3.30pm] French

Thursday: AM [between 9.00am -11.30am] RE & PM [between 1pm-3.30pm] ICT

Friday: AM [between 9.00am -11.30am] Maths & PM [between 1pm-3.30pm] Creative Art

Every day between subjects: PSHE; mindfulness and/or creative task; daily PE activity

Recommended Timetable - Years 9 & 10

Monday: AM [between 9.00am -11.30am] Film & PM [between 1pm-3.30pm] Science*

Tuesday: AM [between 9.00am -11.30am] Geography & PM [between 1pm-3.30pm] History

Wednesday: AM [between 9.00am -11.30am] French/PD/Photography & PM [between 1pm-3.30pm] English

Thursday: AM [between 9.00am -11.30am] PE & PM [between 1pm-3.30pm] RE

Friday: AM [between 9.00am -11.30am] Art & PM [between 1pm-3.30pm] Creative Maths

Every day between subjects: PSHE; mindfulness and/or creative task; daily PE activity

* Y9: Week A – Biology; Week B: Chemistry, Physics. Y10: Week A – Chemistry, Physics; Week B – Biology. * For Y10, the new system will begin for Science on Monday 27th April.

If you encounter any problems with remote learning, please contact your child’s tutor or the subject teacher directly in the first instance for help.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards

Tina Graham Principal