Y11 GCSE Update 04.04.20

Dear Parents/Carers of pupils in Year 11,

The government released today further information on how they will award grades for this year’s GCSE examinations. The relevant document can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/how-gcses-as-a-levels-will-be-awarded-in-summer-2020.

Also, and particularly useful, is a government message to pupils which can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/gcses-as-and-a-level-awarding-summer-2020

There are two main points: • schools do not need to send any evidence or get pupils to complete any more work; • schools are not allowed to share estimated grades with parents, carers or pupils before submitting them to OFQUAL.

As you will see from the DfE letters on the links above, we are not permitted to disclose to pupils or parents the grades we submit to the exam boards. I would ask therefore that parents and pupils do not make contact with any teacher to discuss the awarding of these grades.

We will be using our knowledge of your child and the copious amounts of work that they have previously completed as well as any assessments or examinations they have completed to help us to arrive at their grade. Where your child is taught by more than one teacher the grades will be discussed and agreed before awarding. It is our understanding that this information will then be subject to rigorous moderation by OFQUAL using prior attainment data and other factors which have yet to be announced by the government at this time. We are still waiting for further clarification regarding the awarding of vocational qualifications.

I appreciate that these are difficult and unprecedented times for all of us. I would like to compliment the pupils on how they have responded to this unusual time and thank you also for the support that you have shown to teachers and the Academy.

Your faithfully,

Tina Graham Principal