Y10 English Literature Letter 19.05.20

Dear Parent/Carer,

The current and unprecedented situation has resulted in many difficult decisions which school leaders are needing to make. One of those decisions at Dartmouth Academy is the Y10 English Literature GCSE examinations which pupils would have taken this year.

Although the process for Centre Assessed Grades for current Year 11, outlined by Ofqual and the Department for Education, is the only option to ensure children leave school for their post-16 courses with the best opportunity for gaining GCSE qualifications, it is an inherently unfair process. As yet, the full process of moderation for these grades has not been shared and therefore we will not run the risk of our Year 10 English Literature pupils being disadvantaged.

It is also clear that the curriculum plan which Year 10 had been following, to take their GCSE Literature examination this year, has been disrupted, leading to pupils missing classroom-based learning at this crucial time. The option of a Centre Assessed Grade is built around disincentivising the number of early entry Year 10 examinations for this summer.

As such, we have made the difficult decision that Year 10 pupils will not be receiving a Centre Assessed Grade for their GCSE English Literature this year. We truly believe that pupils will have a much better chance of securing the grades and outcomes that they fully deserve.

Many pupils will receive this information and be grateful for the decision and the opportunity to earn their grade by taking the examinations next year. For some, this will be disappointing. We know that this is not a situation where we would be able to meet everyone’s hopes and we are as disappointed as the pupils. The curriculum in English is currently being redesigned for their Year 11 English Language course in order to continue to support them in revising the Literature content which they have been working hard on.

Thank you for your understanding that we have made the best decision that we can to support all our pupils.

Yours sincerely

Tina Graham, Principal

Emily Simpson-Horne, Associate Principal, Quality of Education