Working from home

Dear Parent/Carer

I hope this email finds you and your family well. Thank you so much for the positive messages that we have received from many of you; it is very much appreciated by all of the staff.

We have received some feedback from students, parents and staff on how the first few days have been in terms of the students accessing the work from home. For the most part, it seems that work is being set and students have been able to access it and submit work back to their teachers. As we would expect, there have been some teething problems and everyone is working hard to try and resolve them as quickly as possible.

It is obviously difficult to address all of the issues arising from the technology due to the different ways in which students are accessing the work (e.g. on a computer, laptop, tablet or phone). However, below are some ideas that may make life easier:

. Work sometimes requires the use of Microsoft products such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These applications are available through the students online Office 365 accounts, however students may find it easier to download the full version of these products if they are not currently available on their computer or laptop. I have attached instructions as to how you can download a free education version of the Office 365 products to your computer/laptop. . If students are working on their tablet or phone then they may struggle with some aspects of the work being provided depending on the specification of their tablet/phone. They should download (for free) the Word and PowerPoint app from their app provider and sign in to them using their school email account. They can also download the OneNote app but should be aware that this can use lots of memory. OneNote can still be accessed without the app by logging in through the internet – it is not necessary to download the app.

We have had some feedback from parents regarding Skype lessons and the number of different platforms we use.

Please bear with us in regards of Skype. Our first priority has been to get work on to ePraise and through OneNote/Teams. As we move through the week(s), we will be more able to provide these lessons (assuming that staff are well and that there are no issues with WiFi etc).

In terms of the number of platforms we use, this is necessary to enable us to provide the best possible education that we can from a distance. As staff and students become more accustomed to the technology, we believe that the issues will begin to subside.

I have also attached the instructions as to how students access OneNote that was sent out at the end of last week. I would strongly suggest that, if students are struggling to upload work to OneNote, that they re-read this documentation.

Thank you, once again, for your support of the students and staff in these unusual times.

Kind regards

Andy Goodwin, Deputy Headteacher