Parents Letter 27.03.20

Dear Parent/Carer,

As we reach the end of our first week of remote learning, I want to thank you for your support for your child(ren) and our staff as we have established this new pattern of working. It has been a learning curve for everyone and we are grateful for your positive approach and feedback. We are continuing to reflect on and develop our remote teaching and learning practice to provide the best possible learning experience for our pupils.

With this letter you will find our first ‘Be Your Best Self’ Newsletter with some examples of the scholarly work pupils have been completing this week for you to enjoy.

There will not be work set over the Easter holidays and there is not an expectation for pupils to complete work. Work will be set again when the summer term begins on Tuesday 14th April via Show My Homework for secondary pupils and in primary, through the weekly email from your child’s class teacher which outlines the daily tasks to complete online or on paper.

Children of key workers who have requested provision over the Easter holidays will be able to do so.

Contact Home

As part of our commitment to keep all pupils safe, staff are making contact with each pupil, and will want to speak to them, in order to ensure that (a) they are well and (b) they are able to access work remotely from home. This will continue after the Easter holidays and throughout the closure period.

For any general concerns, please contact your child’s tutor in the first instance.

Work and Wellbeing:

All staff have a shared aspiration to not allow this period of school closure to result in educational disadvantage in the future. Teachers are therefore working hard to aim to set a level of work for pupils which is both manageable but still academic. As previously communicated, lessons for secondary pupils are set on Show My Homework according to their usual timetable at five lessons a day. For Primary, the weekly email will outline the daily tasks and class teachers will call and email parents regularly to provide feedback and encouragement. If your child is struggling with a task, or is unable to complete it in the time set, please ask them to contact their class teacher using the ‘Comment’ function on SMHW. We do not want pupils to become upset or anxious due to finding their work overwhelming and therefore welcome the opportunity to help them with this.

On the school website, under the COVID-19 Important Information tab, we have included a link to creative activities for children and families over the holidays whilst in isolation.

Online Safety & Social Media:

As a result of social-distancing, pupils are likely to be more active online and on social media. There are many resources available about healthy and safe internet use for young people. We recommend these as the most helpful:

Safeguarding Cards:

Pupils in-school were given a hard copy of a card which details the contact for our Safeguarding team and other safeguarding services. This can also be found on the school website.

We hope that the next two weeks are restful for you and your family. Thank you once again for your continued support.

Kind regards

Tina Graham Principal