Parents Letter 15.05.20

Dear parents and carers,

I hope that you and all your family are remaining safe and well. We have been considering the latest update from the Government on how and when schools are going to reopen and to which year groups this will apply. The main target of the Government is that sometime from 1st June, Primary schools will reopen for Year 6 and some younger students. It has also been suggested that secondary schools should begin to prepare to ‘provide some limited face-to-face contact’ to supplement the distance learning for those students who are due to be taking public examinations next summer. For us, that would be the students who are currently in Years 10 and 12.

We are now looking in detail at how we can implement this guidance within our setting, taking into account the advice we are getting from Unions and our advisors. Although I wish for nothing more than for us to be able to return to providing a normal education, my main concern is that any provision must be as safe as possible for students, staff and families. ESW has summarised this in its overall objective for this next phase: “To maximise the effectiveness of teaching and care for our students, whilst safeguarding the health and well-being of everyone on site.”

Over the coming days we will be considering if and how we can provide this face-to-face time while maintaining the protection measures expected of us during the current pandemic. In the meantime, work will continue to be provided remotely for all year groups, and we encourage all students to maintain contact with their teachers. Students continuing to access this work will be well placed when we do get back.

I appreciate that this may or may not be helpful for you and that some of you may be losing patience with the ongoing situation, so shared in the spirit of trying to be helpful and not condescending, below are some tips, to hopefully help and assist with supporting your child with their continued home learning: 1. Establish a routine for every day which includes a clear wake-up time and regular meals and snacks 2. Exercise every day and plan it in to the routine (it is more likely to happen this way) – there are lots of resources online for exercising or activity ideas 3. Plan what lessons need doing at the start of the day – check epraise so you know what needs doing 4. Take regular breaks every 40 minutes to get away from the screen for 10 or 15 minutes before going back to work 5. Talk about what activities are being done, what is being learnt and have conversations around the interest in the learning

6. Take opportunities to extend learning by using the enrichment activities – plan what you are going to do in the morning 7. Try to create a quiet space for working. If there are several children in the house it may be that the children take it in turns for the quiet space when they are doing something particularly challenging 8. Keep trying 9. Contact the class teacher, tutor or Head of Year if there are problems with access or the difficulty of the work set

Please do get in touch if you need further help and support.

Please can I ask for your continued patience as we consider all the implications of the new guidelines for the school. It is an ever-evolving situation, and I will inform you of our plans as soon as possible.

I would like to reassure you that we will continue to provide the best possible education for your children while operating under the current restrictions.

Take care and stay safe.

With best wishes Suzannah Wharf