Letter to Primary Parents 14.04.20

Dear Parent/Carer,

I do hope that the Easter break for you and your family has been as well as can be expected in these difficult times and that you are all staying safe and healthy. Dartmouth has remained open for the children of key workers over the Easter holiday, and I am very grateful to the staff who volunteered to give up their time to make this possible.

It is now clear that schools will not be re-opening after the Easter holiday, and the signs are that we have to be prepared for the current situation to continue for some time. So I wanted to remind you of key information that you might find helpful. Please remember that Dartmouth Academy is central to our community and we remain committed to supporting our pupils and families through this period; it is vital that we continue to stay in touch.

As we ‘return to school’ tomorrow, Tuesday 14th April, you will once again receive suggested daily learning activities for the coming week and each week that the school remains closed. These activities will be set by the Primary Teachers at Dartmouth Academy who continue to work from home where possible in the hope of offering some routine and structure to your days whilst the school remains temporarily closed.

1. Communicating learning for pupils in the primary phase at Dartmouth Academy

• You will receive a weekly email (before Sunday evening) from your child’s class teacher • Short, achievable tasks will be set for each day – some can be completed independently and some will require adult support where possible • Tasks will be a mixture of online and written • Teachers will check and record pupil engagement on a daily basis • Written work can be submitted to class teachers by email if possible (photographed or scanned) • You will be contacted regularly by phone to offer praise, encouragement and support for pupil learning and feedback will be offered where possible.

Important: we understand the difficulties all families are facing at this time and whilst we all want the best for every child, we understand that it may not be possible to complete all tasks every day. These tasks are set to support you as parents in supporting your child academically – work through them if you can but stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy.

2. Contacting school

We are following government guidelines in ensuring as many staff as possible can work from home. The school switchboard is being answered remotely. You can also contact us by email admin@dartmouthacademy.org.uk and a message will be sent to the relevant member of staff to get in touch with you.

3. Support for key workers

The school will continue to be open for the children of key workers. If you need your child to attend who has not been attending up to now please email admin@dartmouthacademy.org.uk and give us 24 hours’ notice to ensure we have the necessary staffing in place.

4. Free School Meals

We will be signposting parents who qualify for this support to the new government e-voucher scheme and will be contacting you by text if this is relevant. Please contact us on the address above if you have any problems with these.

5. Trips

All trips and visits that were planned for the summer term have been cancelled. The Finance staff are in the process of refunding all payments that have already been made.

Kindest regards,

Jack Pemberton Leader of Primary