Domestic Abuse Support Letter

Dear Parents and Carers,

We continue to hope that you and your families are well and coping with the current situation as best you can. It is certainly fair to say that little could have prepared us for what has happened over the last month or two and we are very conscious of the wide- ranging challenges that the current lock down creates for us all.

I am sure you will all be aware through the media about the increased concerns regarding the additional risks that being at home creates for children and adults who are victims of Domestic abuse.

Please be aware that if you are currently suffering in this way, support and help for you is available. The current lock down rules do not apply in the same way and there are options available to you. We have been asked to open the school up as a place of safety for victims to make a phone call for help. If you need to do this please come to school and go to reception. There is a phone number on the door that connects you through to the senior member of staff onsite that day. Let them know that you ‘need a place of safety to make a phone call’ and they will come and collect you to take you to an office close to reception where you can contact the appropriate help. If for any reason there is no answer when you call the number, please contact me in confidence on 01626 366969 ext. 1503.

Yours sincerely

A Goodwin Deputy Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead